The UDMC 1911 Officer's Model Pistol in caliber .45 single stack with a 3.5-inch bull barrel, double action spring, Laser Aim sights on the rubber grip, Bomar tritium rear sights, fiber optic front sights and an overall dark matte nickel finish.


- Semi-automatic pistol, M1911

Country of Origin

Service History
- 1911 to Present

- 1911 

- United Defense Mfg Corp, Philippines

Operating System
- Recoil operated, closed breech, single action

Trigger / Action
- Fires one round each time the single action trigger is squeezed and the hammer is cocked by the action of the slide.

- .45 ACP, .40 S&W and 9mm, Super .38

Barrel Type/s
- Standard with barrel bushing, no ramp, AISI-416 stainless steel
- Bull barrel, no bushing, with ramp, AISI-416 stainless steel

Barrel Length
- 5 inches

Rifling & Grooves
- 1 x 16 twist rate, 6 grooves

- Approximately 825 ft/sec (230 grains FMJ)

-483 J (356 ft∑lb)

Maximum Effective Range (MER)
- 100 yards depending on wind and drift, 5-inch barrel
*To borrow a definition, MER is ìThe maximum range within which a weapon is EFFECTIVE against its intended targetî. This would translate into the maximum range that the weapon could effectively put a man out of action.

Weight (as pictured, magazine empty)
- Approximately 1.2 kg

Length (as pictured)
- 6.75 inches (3.5-inch barrel)

Height (as pictured)
- 5.25 inches (excluding magazine base pad)

Rate of Fire
- Semi-automatic

Feed System
- 8+1 rounds, detachable single stack magazine

Body Color / Finish (as pictured)
- Silver hard chrome

- Grip safety, sear disconnect, slide stop, half cock position, and manual thumb safety (ambidextrous)

- LPA rear sight, fiber optic front sight