Our Core Values


United Defense Manufacturing Corporation will be the EMPLOYER OF CHOICE in the weapons manufacturing, research and development industry.

Our organization will embrace a culture that is FORWARD-LOOKING, RESOURCEFUL, INNOVATIVE and RESULTS-ORIENTED. Partnership with our Principals, Dealers and other Stakeholders will be a key ingredient in improving business results. We will create a work environment where our employees can have the INITIATIVE to share their ideas, assert their opinions, harness their potentials and sharpen their skills. Our employees will be treated fairly and listened to in an OPEN COMMUNICATION atmosphere as they share in the pursuit of the company’s VISION and CORE VALUES.

We are proud of our Filipino spirit of “MALASAKIT” which expresses mutual respect and concern for our Customers, Principals, Dealers and other Stakeholders. This spirit of concern and ownership of one’s work is leveraged on the employee’s sense of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for his job, family expectations and the company’s social responsibility as a whole.

We will provide our Principals, Dealers and other Stakeholders with VALUE-ADDED SERVICES which go beyond reliability as we strive to be receptive to their changing needs. We will build business relationships through professional partnerships where we exert influence and make a difference.

Our organization will stand out because of our PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE in achieving our goals. This COLLABORATION flows from our employees’ PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY to excel in their individual work and commitment to the success of their co-employees. This is also reinforced by initiative, sincerity, trust and respect for diversity in perspective and openness to persuasion.

We will be ENTREPRENEURIAL as a potent tool in gaining the competitive edge in our business, and to meet expectations of all our Principals, Dealers and other Stakeholders. This type of LEADERSHIP will be reflected in our INNOVATION in work approach, OWNERSHIP of our actions, and hands-on URGENCY in achieving day-to-day results without losing sight of our strategic directions.

We shall take pride in our INTEGRITY which results from high ethical standards in conducting our business.

We will endeavor our very best to communicate our expectations and inspire adherence to these core values and standards throughout our organization.