The Philippines and Korea have a very special friendship that dates back to 1951.

Upon the invitation of the Minister of Korean Defense Acquisition Program Administration, Minister Wang Jung Hong, and the Secretary of Philippines Department of National Defense, Secretary Delfin N. Lorenzana, on August 28, 2019, United Defense Manufacturing Corp. (UDMC) participated in the PHILIPPINES-KOREA DEFENSE INDUSTRY COOPERATION SEMINAR held at the Makati Shangri-la.

The following Korean defense industry heavyweights were in attendance and made their individual business and product presentations, namely: S&T MOTIV, DAEWOO SHIPBUILDING, HANWHA DEFENSE, HYUNDAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, KOREA AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES, KIA MOTORS and LIG NEX1, among many others.

The objective of the conference was to foster a more vibrant defense industry cooperation between Korean and Philippines defense companies (B2B) including government to government (G2G) cooperation and the cross-sectional government to business (G2B) cooperation which will involve the sale and procurement of defense articles from the Republic of Korea including the transfer of defense technologies to the Philippines.

It will be recalled that the Philippines sent a contingent of soldiers to defend South Korea against the combined forces of North Korea and China in 1951. In fact, two of our Filipino soldiers received the TAEGEUK MEDAL (Korean Medal of Valor), the highest decoration given to a soldier for bravery in combat during the Korean War. These two Filipino soldiers are Maj. Maximo Young and Capt. Conrado Yap. The Philippines was also the very first country which established diplomatic relations with the Republic of Korea.

Because of this long history of alliance between the two nations, their defense industry collaboration is as strong as ever and has in fact reached a heightened level during the present administrations of Philippines President Rodrigo R. Duterte and Korea President Moon Jae-in.

Read more on the link below how our Filipino soldiers gallantly fought against the combined North Korean and Chinese forces during the Korean War in helping defend democracy and the South Koreans in 1951. And now, because of the rapid technological advances in defense achieved thus far by the Koreans, they are poised to reciprocate by way of making the Philippines their priority market for defense articles supply and technology transfer.




This rifleman has bagged the most number of medals and trophies among his compatriots in local and international competitions. He trusts only one manufacturer of his F5 and S5 rifles, UNITED DEFENSE MFG CORP equipped with the UDMC-BERGARA barrel.



The joint venture of S&T MOTIV and UDMC passed yesterday the stringent tests of the Philippine National Police conducted on the K3 Light Machine Gun caliber 5.56 NATO, notably the 20,000 rounds endurance test. On the foreground of the photo are the empty shells of the 20,000 rounds used in the endurance as the PNP Pre-Delivery Inspection and Acceptance Team pose with the joint UDMC and S&T production teams in Busan, South Korea.

It will be reacalled that the K12-LMG caliber 7.62 NATO also passed the Test and Acceptance Procedures particularly the 20,000 rounds endurance test last month.

LTC Daniel Vinluan, TWG Head of the PNP Test and Acceptance Committee, after the K3-LMG passes the 20,000 rounds endurance test.

LTC Daniel Vinluan, TWG Head of the PNP Test and Acceptance Committee, after the K3-LMG passes the 20,000 rounds endurance test.



Pastor Narciso Centeno Jr of HOPE Christian Fellowship blessed the 14 Units of M-4 Assault Rifle donated by the LGU Dagupan headed by Unliserbisyo City Mayor Hon. Belen T. Fernandez during the Traditional Monday Flag Raising Ceremony held at Dagupan City Police Station, ABF West, Dagupan City.

Thanks for sharing Jun Miranda Martinez.



K3 with udmc_s&t watermark.jpg

Here is now the K3 machinegun, the younger brother of the K12 machinegun which we published earlier. Produced by S&T and marketed in the Philippines by UDMC.

The K3 is in caliber 5.56 NATO and has an effective range of 600 meters.

For government sale only to the AFP, PNP, PCG and BFAR.


K12 with udmc_s&t watermark.jpg

This is the K12 machinegun, caliber 7.62 NATO (7.62 x 51mm) made by S&T and sold by UDMC in the
Philippines. Incidentally, just a few weeks ago, this K12 machinegun passed the Test and Evaluation of the PNP-Special Action Force, among others the 20,000 rounds endurance test. As you will note in the photo, this particular model can be adapted and mounted on both mid-size vessels and choppers. It has a maximum effective range of one kilometer.

For government sale only to the AFP, PNP and PCG. Maybe at some future point in time, this will also be for sale to our BFAR; which, according to Defense Secretary Lorenzana, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) must also be strengthened in monitoring the operations of Filipino fishermen in the West Philippine Sea.



Last May 31st, the UDMC team visited Camp O'Donnell in Tarlac to meet with members of the Philippine Army who dropped by the camp for the opportunity. Thanks to some individual owners of UDMC rifles from the Army who volunteered to show and demonstrate their wares to their colleagues which added more fun to the "Test-Shoot". Thanks too to Col Leomar Doctolero, MTC Commander, for allowing us to use the Tradoc grandstand for the activity.




Another delivery by UDMC of locally-manufactured 1,760 units of the F5-DGIS caliber 5.56 NATO rifles to the elite commandos of the Special Action Force of the Philippine National Police. This delivery coincided with the 36th founding anniversary of the PNP-SAF last May 25, 2019.

Unlike foreign-manufactured rifles that have difficulty backing up their warranty program, UDMC’s warranty in case of general cleaning and/or repairs is a turnaround period of 24 hours in Metro Manila, 48 hours in Luzon, 60 hours in key cities of Visayas/Mindanao and 72 hours in far flung provinces in Visayas/Mindanao. Soon, UDMC will also be supplying belt-fed 7.62 NATO and 5.56 NATO Light Machine Guns to the PNP and the AFP.

The photos show the rifles before and during the final inspection and packing by the UDMC team of sales and production staff.

Incidentally, individual sales of semi-automatic models of our rifles designated as the S5-PVAR and S5-DGIS are still allowed for sale to ACTIVE individual members of the AFP, PNP, PCG and other Law Enforcement Agencies.




Juan Angel Garcia Fernandez, Chief Executive Officer of Bergara International (Spain), recently visited United Defense Mfg Corp in the Philippines as part of their worldwide quality assurance program. Seen on the photo, Juan Angel is holding UDMC's Philippine manufactured S7-DGIS M110 Precision rifle in caliber 7.62 NATO that uses Bergara's barrel blanks made into finished barrels by UDMC in the Philippines under the strict quality standards of Bergara International.

In the video, Juan Angel enjoys test firing one of UDMC's F5-DGIS rifles, caliber 5.56 NATO in 11.5 inch Bergara barrel.


One of the tactical products for Infantry Troops made by United Defense Manufacturing Corp. (UDMC)-Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU), Inc. being used by Philippine security forces are their  AN/PVS-14 NVG (Monocular).

The AN/PVS-14 is one of the most versatile night vision systems available today. It can be used as a hand-held pocket scope, a helmet mounted monocular, or a weapon sight when mounted in tandem with an infrared laser aimer or other night vision compatible primary optic.

Additional features include a low battery indicator located in the eyepiece and an active projected infrared LED that provides short range illumination for activities such as map reading.

Its specifications are as follows:

Length/Width/Height: 11.4 cm L x 5.7 cm W (4.5 in L x 2 in W )

Weight: 339g with Battery

Magnification: 1X Minimum

Focus Distance: 25cm (9.8 in)

Field of View: 40°

Objective Lens: 27 mm (1.1 in)

Eye Relief: 25 mm (0.6 in)

Diopter Adjustment: +2 to -6

Resolution: 64 Ip/mm (Min)

Signal/Noise: 21.9 : 1 (Min)

FOM: 1401 (Min) - 1600 (Max)

Power Source: 1 AA battery

Operating Time: >15 Hours

Mount: Head/Helmet Mount Adapter and Weapon-Mount Adapter for Picatinny Rail (MIL-STD-1913/STANAG 2324)

Download the Spec Sheet


Who is ASU, Inc.?

Founded in 1995, the goal of Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU), Inc. is to implement Night Vision equipment into the Civil Aviation market to increase operational safety and improve mission capabilities.

Their focus is to provide a turnkey solution to their customers where, with one call, they can obtain:

- Night Vision Goggles (NVG) and Replacement Parts

- Servicing/Inspection for the goggles

- NVG Cockpit Lighting solutions installed by their 145 Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) approved Repair Station Technicians at their facility in Boise, Idaho or at the Customer’s Facility

- Assistance for Cockpit Replacement Parts provided by their FAA approved Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA)

- Training, both initial and re-current, for Flight Crews on the use of Night Vision in flight via an FAA Approved 141 Training Program, and/or a 135 Air Operator Certificate Assistance to establish Night Vision Programs.

To date, ASU has sold more than 5,500 Aviator Systems within the U.S. ASU is L-3 Warrior System's exclusive authorized Aviation Goggle distributor and their NVG Technicians have been factory trained/certified.

Since 1995, ASU has demonstrated the true definition of a complete “Go-to“ company for both Rotor-Wing and Fixed-Wing aircraft operations.

ASU is proud to provide the highest-quality products and services to a wide variety of satisfied customers on a global scale. These include numerous government and private agencies such as Civil Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Military Services; Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Department of Energy; Search and Rescue, Fugitive Apprehension, Airborne Surveillance, Airborne Security, and Fire Suppression Missions.

ASU is a leading provider in portable NVG and Binoculars, offering technologies by L3 and Harris Corporation. Harris and L3 will be merging soon as announced late last year in a merger of equals. The process is expected to be completed sometime mid-2019 and once completed the new company will be called L3-Harris Technologies and will be worth around $34 billion which will make them the 6th biggest defense company in the U.S. and the 10th biggest globally. ASU will still be there as their long-time and reliable partner as reseller and distributor all over the world.

Night vision goggles offered by ASU are light weight, sturdy, with specs up to military grade with styles in both mountable and handheld.

One of the tactical products for ground troops being used by Philippine security forces are their  AN/PVS-14 NVG (Monocular).

AN/PVS-14 offers on hand operation of on/off, IR and gain control for fast and easy operation. Available in green or white phosphor.

PVS-14 Benefits:

- One-hand on/off, IR, and gain control
- Compact and safer to use
- Lighter to reduce head/neck fatigue
- Noncorrosive aluminum battery compartment, battery cap, and nickel springs
- Black-nickel battery exterior finish reduces IR and increases ruggedness
- Mounts available for head, helmet or weapon

Search & Rescue
Law Enforcement
Boarder Patrol
Fire Fighting

Approved ASU Logo

ASU trusts only in UDMC

Just as Harris Corporation and L3 Technologies trusts only Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU) Inc., ASU in turn trusts only the United Defense Manufacturing Corporation (UDMC) to be their Exclusive Representative, Distributor, and Reseller for Night Vision Devices (NVD) in the Philippines for both Aviation and Infantry applications. The agreement between ASU and UDMC was signed in May 2017.

ASU Inc. Logo


What are the specifications of the S7 Rifles?
United Defense Mfg Corp’s S7-PVAR and S7-DGIS are variants of the M110-SASS, Semi-Automatic Sniper System precision rifles chambered in the time-tested 7.62 NATO round (7.62 x 51mm) and designed to hit point targets up to 1,000 meters (MER). The S7 takes after the M110 battle rifle designed by Eugene Stoner. The S7 uses two action designs, the Direct Gas Impingement System (DGIS) and the patented Pneumatic Valve and Rod System (PVAR). The DGIS has a simpler design between the two as it has less parts and uses the hot gases coming from the gas port of the barrel and through a gas tube the hot gases are rammed into the bolt carrier group to cycle the round. The patented PVAR or Pneumatic Valve and Rod System is a “bare bones, no frills and very simple” designed gas and piston operating system that utilizes a combination of gas and mechanical energy for a more effective and reliable cycling of the weapon. The PVAR design prevents hot and high-pressured gases from reaching the bolt assembly and the chamber. This results in a cleaner and reliable operation, as well as minimal maintenance even in the most rugged environments such as jungles, deserts, snow and salt-water conditions. This means reduced cleaning time and overall longer rifle life span. The S7-PVAR’s simplified parts and mechanism allows reduced recoil and reduced muzzle rise, which enables the sniper to refocus instantly on the target for each and every round fired! Furthermore, the PVAR allows the sniper to select if he wants to use the rifle in bolt-action mode or self-loading (semi-automatic) mode. Both the PVAR and DGIS models use a one piece KeyMod picatinny rail handguard held securely only at the barrel extension which allows the barrel to “float” and preserve barrel harmonics while in battery. This allows for greater accuracy and consistency. As designed, the barrel does not touch any part of the entire length of the handguard except at the barrel extension. For both the DGIS and PVAR, the barrel comes in different lengths: 14.5, 18, 20, 22, 24 and 25 inches. For special orders, UDMC can also produce the M110-CSASS or the “compact SASS”, with a retractable buttstock and with a barrel length of 14.5 or 16 inches for use by the spotter. The non-glare, matte finish of the stainless steel barrel is also an alternative to the standard carbon steel in black manganese finish.

- Precision Rifle
Country of Origin
- U.S.A. for the M110 (S7-DGIS) and Philippines for the S7-PVAR
Service History
- Launched in January 2014 for the S7-PVAR
- 2013 for the S7-PVAR
- United Defense Mfg Corp, Philippines
Operating System
- PVAR gas and piston, rotating bolt head, Letters of Patent Nos. 1-2009-000176 and 1-2011-000062, Philippines or the DGIS, conventional direct gas impingement system
Bolt Carrier
- Monolithic one piece with a solid punch key for the PVAR and two piece with gas key for the DGIS
- 7.62 NATO (7.62 x 51mm)
Barrel Type
- Non-Glare, matte stainless steel bull barrel, AISI-416 Premium or the black parkerized carbon steel ordnance grade.
Barrel Length
- Choice of 14.5, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 and 25 inches 
- 1 x 12 twist or 1 x 10 twist
Muzzle Velocity
- Approximately 2,600 ft/sec
Maximum Effective Range (22-inch barrel)
- 800 meters (point target) and 1,000 meters (area target) 
- One (1) MOA using a M118LR ammunition at 100 meters, at bench rest.
- Single stage, with option for two-stage for semi-auto precision use.
Flash Hider
- Choice of SHURIKEN flash hider (Letter of Patent No. 1-2013-000230, Philippines) or any type of tactical compensator or muzzle brake.
- Around 7.5 kg to 8.5 kg, inclusive of the floating KeyMod picatinny rail handguard, scope, bipod and a loaded 20-round detachable box magazine. Weight will be less depending on barrel length and type of scope. 
- 44 inches (22-inch barrel)
Rate of Fire
- Semi-automatic. (Note: However, when “Made-to-Order”, we can also produce the F7 battle rifle series which is the full automatic version for use by the spotter in tandem with the sniper who uses the semi-automatic version only.)
Feed System
- 10 or 20-round detachable magazine
Body Color
- Anodized black

What type of ammo can your rifles use?
It can use any brand of M80, M118 and M118LR ammo. It can also use the commercial type of .308 ammunition.

What are the maximum effective ranges (MER) of your rifles?
For the caliber 7.62mm NATO, 1,000 meters for the 22 inches barrel.
Maximum Effective Range (MER)
*To borrow a definition, MER is “The maximum range within which a weapon is EFFECTIVE against its intended target”. This would translate into the maximum range that the weapon could effectively put a man out of action.
What type of barrels do you use for the rifles? 
We use only stainless steel 416 Premium or carbon steel in ordnance grade and duly certified from source or origin of the blanks as raw materials.

Do you manufacture your own barrels? 
Yes we do. We manufacture them from barrel blanks supplied to us by Dikar-Bergara from Spain. We are the Exclusive Distributor of Dikar-Bergara for all their products, barrel raw materials (blanks) including their bolt-action rifles in the whole of Asia-Pacific.

What is so special about your UDMC barrels?
The Bergara cylindrical blanks are made from the finest carbon steel and 416 Premium stainless steel, used in the ordnance, aerospace and defence industries. 
If other suppliers will claim that their barrels are SS-416, only a Certificate of Chemical and Mechanical Analyses can determine its quality. UDMC’s AISI 416 Stainless Steel PREMIUM ordnance grade barrel has contents of Vanadium, Nickel and Molybdenum which are not found on a standard AISI 416 stainless steel barrel. The net effect is that the UDMC-Bergara barrels have a yield strength of 780 MPa (versus 275 MPa of std AISI-416 SS) and a tensile strength of 920 MPa (versus 517 MPa of std AISI-416 SS). In terms of toughness, a UDMC-Bergara barrel is 73 Joules versus 34 Joules of the std AISI-416 SS. 
The optimum combination of high hardness, yield strength, and tensile strength, along with the correct toughness, allow UDMC-Bergara barrels to withstand the generated pressures when the rifle is in battery, even with powerful rounds such as the .30 caliber precision rifles. 
UDMC-Bergara barrels, compared with other stainless steel barrels in the firearms industry, are very hard steel which increases the mechanical properties of the barrels and it is fair to say that this is one of the best insurance from the safety point of view of a barrel. In addition to this, one of the differences of UDMC-Bergara barrels is the small grain size of its molecular structure thus guaranteeing excellent toughness. The homogenous microstructure during hardening and tempering provides a uniform hardness along the bar, producing a very uniform rifled bore, which is the key to accuracy of a barrel. The heat treatment, in combination with the precise deep hole drilling, honing and button rifling process results in a uniform finish of the bore under 0.0008 inches. The stress relieving heat treatment on the other hand, after the button rifling process, protects the bore from inside deformation after the tapering of the barrel. It also helps protect the barrel from heat generated after continuously firing several hundreds of rounds.
The same level of quality speaks of the UDMC-Bergara carbon steel barrels in durability, safety and accuracy.
Finally, the high chromium content of UDMC-Bergara barrels provides a good corrosion resistance to it.

What is your warranty on the life cycle of your barrels?
20,000 rounds minimum under normal use.

What raw materials do you use for the rifles?
We use T6-7075 for the upper and lower receivers, T6-6061 for the handguard (or thermoplastic) and buttstock tube. For metal parts, we use only 4140, 4150 and MIM-S7 for the small parts. Our barrels are made either of stainless steel 416 or carbon steel Premium ordnance grade which has contents of Molybdenum, Nickel and Vanadium not found in other barrels which makes it double the tensile strength versus other barrels.


Last week several lucky ASU team members got a rare, birds-eye view of the snow-dusted Treasure Valley on a brand new Airbus H-130 helicopter. The “Eclipse 1” was delivered to ASU in Boise in October, was assembled and flown for the first time earlier this month. As an FAA part 135 Air Carrier, ASU will be operating and maintaining this and other aircraft on the Scenic Eclipse, the world’s first discovery yacht, launching later this year.




My 6inch pistol gun costumized by UNITED DEFENSE Manufacturing Copr. (UDMC)scored 1,448 of a possible score of 1,500 at first encounter 😊 thanks sir Gene Carino for my new pistol. Esperanza Placides for sponsoring my ammunition throughout my practices for 4th Leg its a big help for me sir thank you po 🙏.. To my coach Nonie Alvarez for dealing good ammo for the match.. My menthor sir Gen. Jonathan Carr Martir who always reminds focus focus focus..NAVSOG Family my previous and present Commading Officers, sir ANDRO VAL ABAYON Sir sobrang salamat po.. thank you po. My familia,friends,relatives,batch,kalugaran, inspirations to go on figth!figth fight! 
- Elvie A. Baldivino


Team Philippine Army to defend its title as World Shoot Champions next year. In case you are not aware, Team Philippine Army otherwise known as "TEAM LABAN PILIPINAS" were the Gold Medalists, champions military category in the 2017 World Shoot held in Kubinka, Russia. The team was composed of LTC Magbubuko Izagany Cryzty, Rodney Rizano, Alan Lao and Ariel Taganait (Ahryel Eltribu).

Godspeed ahead and Laban Pilipinas!

CAA Tactical


UDMC RIFLES to standardize its polymer furnitures to CAA Tactical products. We will, however, continue to produce custom models using our own manufactured floating rail handguards if required by the customer.

Also, if you want to remake your old rifles (even other brands) and make them good as brandnew, send an email to: for cost estimate.

Infrared Combat Identification Patches



During night-time operation, distinguishing between friendly and enemy forces is a challenging task. The darkness of night increases the risk of FRIENDLY FIRE casualties.

These INFRARED COMBAT IDENTIFICATION PATCHES feature IR identification passive materials engineered to absorb all visual light spectrum and reflect back only infrared. Reflected IR wavelength can be customized from 0.7 to 1.4 microns. These IR reflective patches will remain covert and will be activated only when IR lasers / lights are pointed at it. The reflected IR is returned in a narrow angle and can only be observed from the IR source viewpoint.

The only drawback is that we can sell only by the thousands, preferably at least 5,000 pieces of each design.

For inquiries, contact us at:


LGU-donates rifles to the Philippine National Police Cavite Province


Chief PNP Director General Oscar Albayalde graces the blessing this morning of LGU-donated rifles to the Philippine National Police Cavite Province, led by Cavite Governor Remulla and Carmona Mayor Loyola. On the photo is the Chief PNP as he admires the locally made UDMC S7 precision rifles in caliber 7.62x51mm NATO and F5 assault rifles in caliber 5.56x45mm NATO. All these rifles were supplied through open public biddings conducted under R.A. 9184 and have passed all applicable Napolcom Resolutions on test and evaluation.


PNP-NCRPO Chief, Police Director Oscar Albayalde with his UDMC S5-DGIS


Thank you for buying and trusting a Filipino-made rifle sir!

In the picture is no less than our PNP-NCRPO Chief, Police Director Oscar Albayalde, proud owner of a UDMC S5-DGIS rifle with an 11.5-inch SS-416R Premium stainless steel Bergara 5.56 NATO barrel. With Director Albayalde is Johny Balicat, UDMC's liaison officer who is one proud man with his picture taken with the NCRPO Chief.