Q – What are your contact numbers and email?

A – You may contact us directly at landline tel. nos. +63 2 345 7818 and +63 2 345 3772 or cellphone nos. +63 998 847 6368 and +63 977 801 8362. You can also email us at: inquiries 

Q – Where are you located?

A – We are located at 8383 Dr. A. Santos Avenue (formerly Sucat Road), Paranaque City 1715. For directions, go to “Google Maps” and type our company name on the line at the top of the page and you will be directed on how to reach our place through an online map. Ignore the address typed in Google because the map is more important. Follow the directions on the map. 


Our building is about 100 yards from the Sucat toll exit of SLEX going towards West (Baclaran). The building is 3-storey, painted chocolate brown. It is on the right side of Sucat Road right after a branch of PS Bank. There is a big sign “8383” and right beside this sign is a plate of the Philippine flag of the same size, made of fiberglass. 

Q – We noticed that you do not answer questions about prices on your Facebook account. Why?

A – Because it is against Facebook rules and regulations to transact or accept sales order of firearms on Facebook. However, we still make it a point to answer your queries through private messages. However, you can also send an email to: for a more convenient email communication with us. 

Q - Can we visit your facility?

A - To visit our facility, we prefer that you to set an appointment. If you drop by without any appointment, you may have to wait for someone to attend to you. For security reasons, we do not accommodate a large group of visitors, only two (2) visitors please. 

Q – What type of rifles do you sell?

A – We sell M4 type (5.56 NATO) assault rifles and M110 type (7.62 NATO) precision rifles. Semi and Full-Automatic selector for Military and LEA are designated as the “F” series. Semi-Automatic selector only for commercial and individual sales are designated as the “S” series. 

Q – What are the barrel lengths of your rifles?

A – Lengths are in 6.5, 7.5, 10.5, 11.5, 14.5, 16, 18, 20 and 22 inches for the F5 and S5 series, caliber 5.56 NATO. On the other hand, lengths are in 14.5, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 and 25 inches for the F7 and S7 series, caliber 7.62 NATO. The price of the whole rifle goes up as the barrel length goes longer. Stainless Steel AISI-416 Premium is also a little more expensive than 4140 carbon steel. 

Q – What type of pistols do you sell?

A – We sell 1911 style pistols in high capacity and single stack models. Number of rounds will depend on the caliber. For example, for the single stack in caliber .45, number of rounds is 8. For the high capacity in caliber .45, number of rounds is 12. Number of rounds will also depend if you want an extended capacity magazine. 

Q – What pistol calibers are available?

 A – Calibers are in 9mm, .38S, .40 and .45

Q – What are the barrel types and lengths of your pistols?

 A – Lengths are in 3.5, 4.25 and 5 inches. The barrel type can either be standard with barrel bushing or bull barrel without bushing and with feed ramp.

Q – Why are your pistols considered “higher-end” compared to other brands?

 A – Because unlike other manufacturers who uses investment castings for their frames and slides, we use only rectangular bar-stocks as raw material. Our barrels are machined from cylindrical tubes in stainless steel 416 Premium ordnance grade, supplied to us in blanks by Dikar-Bergara from Spain, and duly certified if you need certification.

Q – Can individuals buy and own the semi-automatic models of your rifles?

A – YES. Under R.A. 10591, rifles in calibers not exceeding 7.62 NATO (7.62 x 51mm) are classified as “small arms” and are allowed for ownership by individuals for as long as these are SEMI-AUTOMATIC only. 

Q – Can individuals buy and own the full-automatic models of your rifles?

A – NO. Even if you are a soldier, policeman, law enforcer, AFP Officer, PNP officer, mayor, governor, general, admiral, etc., you can only own semi-automatic rifles since the license will be in your name and in your personal capacity as an INDIVIDUAL PERSON. Only the organic units of the AFP, PNP, PCG, NBI, PDEA, BJMP, BUCOR and other LEAs can own full automatic rifles since the license will be in their names as JURIDICAL ENTITIES. Local Government Units (LGUs) cannot own full automatic versions of our rifles since they have no direct law enforcement function. We are only abiding by the law, R.A. 10591 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations. 

Q – What parts differentiate the full-auto from a semi-auto M4 or M16 rifle?

A – There are at least eight (8) parts that are different in a semi-automatic and fully automatic M16 or M4. These are the lower receiver (frame), upper receiver, hammer, trigger, disconnector, sear, fire selector and bolt carrier group. 

Q – Can UDMC convert my semi-automatic rifle to full-automatic after this is licensed by the PNP-FEO?

A – NO. That will be illegal. Besides, it will be too costly for you to do it not to mention that it can be UNSAFE to operate if you do that. It will also VOID the warranty that UDMC provides on the original rifle that you bought from us if you or anyone else will attempt to do the conversion. 

Q - Can UDMC convert my full-automatic rifle to semi-automatic (only) in order for me to sell this to another party?

A – Yes we can and we are authorized by the PNP-FEO to issue a certification after the conversion. 

Q – Do you sell only the complete upper assembly?

A – Yes. But this will still have to be applied for a license with the PNP-FEO since the barrel, bolt assembly and upper receiver will now have to be serial- numbered in compliance with R.A. 10591. 

Q – Do you sell just the barrel and/or will replace the old barrel on my rifle or pistol with a new barrel?

A – Any change in barrel will also have to be applied for approval with the PNP- FEO since the barrel and/or bolt are considered major parts of a rifle or pistol and are serial-numbered in compliance with R.A. 10591. As a matter of business policy, we do not sell parts and accessories. We sell only the basic rifle as a unit. At the very most, we can sell to you a complete upper assembly. 

Q – What type of barrels do you use for the rifle and for the pistol?

A – For both rifles and pistols, we use only Stainless Steel AISI 416 Premium or 4140 carbon steel in ordnance grade and duly certified from source or origin of the blanks as raw materials. 

Q – Do you manufacture your own barrels?

A – Yes we do. We manufacture them from barrel blanks supplied to us by Dikar- Bergara from Spain. We are the Exclusive Distributor of Dikar Bergara for all their products and barrel raw materials (blanks) including their bolt action rifles in the whole of Asia-Pacific. 

Q – Do you sell only the PVAR gas-piston as a kit?

A – Yes, but we have to install the kit on your rifle in our plant to guarantee quality. The price can only be determined after we have evaluated your rifle. You will have to bring your rifle to us for evaluation. 

Q – Do you sell gun accessories and parts?

A – No. We don’t sell accessories and gun parts. We sell only the whole gun or the whole upper assembly. However, we sell extra magazines. 

Q – Can civilians buy and own your sound suppressors?

A – Civilians can buy and own suppressors if the buyer will apply and get a Permit to Purchase (PTP) from the PNP-FEO. We do not manufacture sound suppressors unless authorized by the PNP-FEO through the customer’s PTP. 

Q – How do we go about in buying a rifle or pistol from your company? 

A – First you must have an LTOPF (License to Own and Possess Firearms) required under the Implementing Rules and Regulations of R.A. 10591. If you have the LTOPF already, you can already buy the rifle or pistol from us. You may contact us directly at landline tel. nos. +63 2 345 7818 and +63 2 345 3772 or cellphone nos. +63 998 847 6368 and +63 977 801 8362. You can also email us at : inquiries

Q – How do we go about licensing or registering the rifle or pistol we bought from your company? What are the requirements? 

A - Gun owners as well as buyers of new firearms are required to secure from the PNP an LTOPF , which will be required before you can buy a new firearm and/or to renew the expired license of your firearm. Once you have the LTOPF, everything else will be easy. We will help you in the registration of the firearm if you bought the firearm from us. All you have to do is to submit the following: Xerox copy of LTOPF, filled-up 3 copies of Application for Registration, sign Undertaking form and Special Power of Attorney form in favor of UDMC liaison officer as your authorized representative.

Q – Can you assist me in applying for the LTOPF? 

A – You will still have to appear in person at Camp Crame for the neuro test, drug test, gun safety seminar and biometric scanning. If you already have complete documents like NSO Birth Certificate, National Police clearance, NBI clearance, Valid ID, etc., you can now go to Camp Crame. We can assist you at Camp Crame if you are buying the firearm from UDMC.

Q – Assuming that I already have my LTOPF and have complete requirements, how long is the processing time before I can get the rifle or pistol that I bought? 

A – Six (6) weeks if the unit is standard model with no modifications and if you pick up the unit from us or at Camp Crame. Ten (10) weeks if the unit is not standard model which means you will require us to fabricate modified parts or accessories. Plus another one (1) week if you will require us to ship to your residence of outside Metro Manila.

Q – Can you ship the unit to Visayas and Mindanao or to any other place if I do not pick up the unit from UDMC? 

A – Yes we can but there will be an additional processing time of one (1) week You will also be responsible for picking up the unit at the local airport. We will also require a Special Power of Attorney authorizing UDMC to ship the units by air or sea freight and that you as the customer will waive the right to file damages against UDMC in case of loss or damage to the unit. Also, the freight expenses and facilitation expenses shall be paid by you in advance.


Q – Do you do gunsmith works and repairs?

 A – Yes we do but you will have to bring your pistol or rifle for an estimate. We cannot give standard pricing since prices will vary from one gun to another and will depend on the condition of the gun.

Q – Do you accept customizing of a rifle or a pistol? 

A - Yes we do but you will have to bring your pistol or rifle for an estimate. We cannot give standard pricing since prices will vary from one gun to another and will depend on the condition of the gun.

Q – Can you export your products? What are the requirements? And to which countries are you allowed to export? 

A – Yes we can export to countries which are not in the List of the United Nations Arms Embargo. We will need an End-User’s Certificate, Import Permit, Purchase Order and a 50% down payment with the balance due prior to shipment. With these documentations, we will apply for an Export Permit and then ship to your country.

Q – Do you sell to foreign security contractors for maritime security (MARSEC)? What are the requirements? 

A – Yes we do. We will need an End-User’s Certificate and an Import Permit from the country where the weapons will be stored, to and from each voyage. The country must not be in the List of United Nations Arms Embargo. Using the EUC and Import Permit, we will apply for an Export Permit with the Philippine authorities.

Q – Do you sell to foreign security contractors for land-based security (LANSEC)? What are the requirements?
A - Yes we do. We will need an End-User’s Certificate and an Import Permit from the country where the weapons will be used. The country must not be in the List of United Nations Arms Embargo. Using the EUC and Import Permit, we will apply for an Export Permit with the Philippine authorities.

Q – How about a foreigner or a foreign entity abroad, can they buy your weapons?

A – A foreigner, foreign company or foreign government who wants to import our weapons into their country must be able to provide us with the following information:

(1) Copy of license to distribute weapons in their country
(2) Corporation certificate to engage in business in their country

Once we are agreed on the terms of procurement, we will also require the following additional documents: (3) End-User's Certification to whom the weapons will be issued explaining why they need the weapons. 

(4) Import Permit issued by the foreign government
(5) Purchase Order
(6) 50% down-payment through a wire (T/T) transfer Using the above 1-6 documentation, we will apply for an Export Permit from the Philippine National Police.

Q – Why is there a need for the End-User’s Certification? 

A - We are very careful with our exports since: 

1st - we have to make sure that no raw materials or parts from the USA are used in the manufacture and assembly of the rifles to be sold to other countries. 
2nd - we have to make sure that we are always compliant with the United Nations rules and regulations on the export sales of our weapons

Q – Do you sell ammunition? 

A – NO.

Q – Do you sell to local private security agencies and local private security contractors? What are the requirements?

A – Yes, but we can sell to them only after presentation of their Juridical LTOPF and the Permit to Purchase (with a copy of the threat assessment) as Juridical Entity issued by the CSG-SOSIA. We can only sell semi-automatic rifles to security agencies. 

Q – Do you offer a “Lay-Away Payment Plan”?

A – Yes we can for a maximum period of twelve (12) months but we can only issue the rifle or pistol after full payment. Until the firearm has been fully paid, we will safe-keep the firearm free-of-charge for a maximum period of 12 months. Any excess period will be billed a minimal “storage fee”.

Q – What is the extent of your warranty?

A – One year on parts and workmanship except under normal or excessive wear and tear. Warranty is automatically VOIDED if you modify your rifle or pistol, if you replaced the parts or used defective (i.e. reloaded ammo) ammunition and similar causes. UDMC will issue to you a Sales and Warranty Agreement upon release of the firearm to you, which specifies what is covered and not covered by warranty

Q – Do you produce M4s or M16s rifles?

A – The equivalent of the M4 or the M16 in our product lines are the F5 and S5 series in Direct Gas Impingement Systems. Our equivalent models are the F5- DGIS (full auto) or S5-DGIS (semi-auto). These models are also offered in PVAR gas-piston system.

Q – Do you produce the M110, AR-10 or the SR-25 rifles?

A – What we produce is the M110 derivative in caliber 7.62 NATO (7.62 x 51mm) which has the flexibility to use the .308 WIN and the 7.62 NATO ammunitions. This is designated as the F7 and S7 in our list of products.

Q – Can I bring to UDMC my existing M4 or M16 (not UDMC brand) for repair or conversion to PVAR, repair, refurbishing or gunsmithing? (the same question for pistols).

A – Yes, but it has to be licensed and you will have to leave a copy of the license with us. We will also have to evaluate your rifle (or pistol) before we accept it for servicing.

Q – Who from the military or law enforcement and countries are using your guns right now?

A – As a matter of business policy, we do not divulge the name/s of our customers, be they individuals or local or foreign government units.

Q – Do you have a gun store or dealers? How do we place our order?

A – You may contact us directly at landline tel. nos. +63 2 345 7818 and +63 2 345 3772 or cellphone nos. +63 998 847 6368 and +63 977 801 8362 or email us at: inquiries

Q – Do you have a dealer outside of Metro Manila?

A – You may contact us directly at landline tel. nos. +6323457818 and +6323453772 or cellphone nos. +639988476368 and +639778018362 or email us at: inquiries@udmc-­‐

Q – Can a foreigner living in the Philippines purchase your product? 

A – A foreigner living in the Philippines or is visiting the Philippines are not allowed to buy our weapons. This is prohibited under R.A. 10591. Foreigners living in the Philippines who are married to Filipino spouses usually ask their Filipino spouses to buy the gun. 

Q – Do you have a firing range? 

A – Our firing range is for use only by us for function testing our rifles and pistols. We do a 100% function-­‐testing of one full-­‐round magazine for all our products. 

Q – Is your firing range open to the public? 

A – No. Our firing range is not for public use. This is for use by us only for function testing of all the weapons that we manufacture. 

Q – How can I try firing your products? 

A – We do not allow prospective buyers from trying our products since our firing range is not for public use. We allow only the customer to use our firing range when he claims the rifle or unit that he has bought from us. The customer will be allowed to test his weapon using his own ammunition, maximum of one magazine load. 

Q    –    Delivery/Pick-­‐up    Procedures  

A    –    Once your unit is ready for pick-­‐up or delivery, you will be required to personally test-­‐fire your unit in the UDMC test-­firing range. You    will also be required to inspect all the parts and workmanship. After you sign on the Delivery Receipt as having received the unit in good order  and condition and after paying the balance in full, we will release the unit to you. Those who choose to waive the test-­‐firing and inspection in  our facility will automatically waive his right to reject the rifle at point of delivery or pick-­‐up (i.e. at the airport of destination).    

Q – How can I request and schedule a visit to your plant?
A – Just send us an email to: inquiries@udmc-­‐ but we normally do not accept visitors unless there are prior arrangements made in order that we can properly attend to and focus on your requirements. 

Q – What quality checks do you do? 

A – All quality checks are in accordance with our ISO 9001:2008 certification. If you want to know more about this, please send an email to: inquiries@udmc-­‐, attention: Technical Department and our Technical Manager will be happy to discuss these matters with you. 

Q – I would like to request a plant tour in behalf of my organization (e.g. school, company, LGU etc). How do I go about this? 

A - We regret that we cannot grant your request since our company is engaged in a high security and a high safety environment, not to mention that a majority of the business processes and activities of our company are kept strictly confidential, by reason of company policy and by regulation of the Philippine National Police.

Q – Can I interview your company for press release/project etc.?

A – It depends. You have to write to us formally about your request. But normally, we do not accede to such requests.

Q – Where do you buy your raw materials?

A – Our raw materials are procured from various countries like Spain, Israel, Germany, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea and other countries all over the world. The Philippines has no local production of special alloys as raw materials which explains why we have to source our raw materials from these various countries. (Note: For the export of finished products to other countries, we cannot use U.S.- procured raw materials since we are not allowed to re-export what we have procured from U.S. suppliers.)

Q – Do you make all your rifle and pistol parts?

A – Yes, 80% are produced by UDMC locally.

Q – Can you tell us which parts are made in the Philippines and which parts are imported?

A – No we cannot because it is confidential.

Q – Can I apply to your company for a job?

A – You have to send your bio-data to our HR Department and we will keep you in the active file of applicants and will call you when there is a job requirement that suits your qualifications. Send your bio-data to:

Q – I own a UDMC rifle. When and how can I bring it to your facility for servicing?

A – You may contact us directly at landline tel. nos. +63 2 345 7818 and +63 2 345 3772 or cellphone nos. +63 998 847 6368 and +63 977 801 8362 or email us at: inquiries and look for JUVY or JESSICA

Q – I have a unique or special gun part that I want fabricated. Can you make this for me?

A – No. We only produce parts in mass production. You should go to a gunsmith instead.

Q – Can I request for a custom or personalized serial number?

A – No. Because we have to strictly follow the series of serial numbers in the production of our guns.

Q – Can I request for a unique or personalized logo to be engraved somewhere on my purchased rifle or pistol?

A – Yes, but that will be an additional cost of P15,000 depending on the complexity of the design. Also, the engraving and design should not obstruct or deface the brand, serial number and caliber of the gun.

Q – What is your military discount and who can qualify for this?

A – To honor our men and women in uniform and the organic members of law enforcement agencies, UDMC now offers cash discounts on all our S5-­‐DGIS and S5-­‐PVAR rifle models in caliber 5.56 NATO, as  follows:    

20% cash discount for all organic, uniformed and active members ofthe AFP,  PNP, PCG, BJMP, BUCOR and BFP  

20% cash discount for all organic and active members of the NBI, PDEA and other LEAs

10% cash discount for all members in good standing of the AFP and PCG Reserve Forces

 10% cash discount for all retired members of the AFP, PNP, PCG, BJMP, BUCOR and BFP    

10% cash discount for all retired members of the NBI, PDEA and other LEAs    


Consultants, confidential agents, informers and civilian employees of the above military, police and LEA's are excluded in this program.    


Discounts will not apply on parts and accessories and the "Bare Bones" model.    

The Lay Away interest­‐free 12 months installment plan can still be availed of in addition to these cash discounts. Promo period runs from September    1,    2016    and    will    be    subject    to    review    after    December    31,    2016.    


Requirements:  Buyers are assumed to have a License to Own and Possess    

Firearms (LTOPF) and need to present a Certification from the Adjutant of the Service Command (for the Army, Air Force Navy, Coastguard and Reserve Command personnel) where he or she is attached. Certification from the Directorate of Personnel Records and Management Resources (for PNP personnel). Certification from the respective Bureau Directors (for NBI, PDEA, BJMP, BUCOR and other LEA's). The certification must state that the buyer of the firearm is in the active service of the command and/or unit indicating his/her rank, assignment and/or duty detail.       


The certification above will prove that you are an active and an organic member of the AFP, PNP and LEA. “Organic” refers to regular members of the force as opposed to agents, informers, consultants or reserve officers.    


For AFP, PNP and LEA retirees, they must present their retirement papers.        


For inquiries, contact JUVY ANN CATIPAY or JESSICA TAMPOCO at phone nos. 0977-­‐801-­‐8362    or   0998-­‐847-­‐6368.

Q    –    Do    you    give    discounts    to    senior    citizens?    



 YES. In recognition of the services to mankind rendered by our senior citizens, UDMC has decided that effectively immediately, all bonafide senior citizens shall be entitled to a 20% cash discount on all our 6.5, 7.5, 10.5 and 11.5 inches barrel of the S5­‐DGIS and S5­‐PVAR while supply lasts. This is in support of R.A. 9994, otherwise known as the SENIOR CITIZENS ACT, of which the link is published below:­‐act-­‐no-­‐9994/    


The actual unit looks similar to the picture pubished on Facebook last October 7.2016 but may vary a little different as far as the thermoplastic parts are concerned, i.e. handguard, pistol grip and buttstock.    

Q – Can I ask you to be a sponsor for our upcoming event?

A – It depends. If we think that it will be for a good cause, that it will promote our weapons, and that we have the funding at that point in time of solicitation, we may agree to a sponsorship.

Q – Do you join the AFAD Gun Shows?

A – We are not a participant in the AFAD Gun Show since we are not a member of AFAD. Only members of AFAD can join the show.

Q – What are the differences between DGIS and PVAR?

A – Please go to our website and click on the topic “Technology”. The differences and advantages are explained there in greater detail.

Q – Can you sell the S7 to civilians?

A – Yes since this is only a semi-automatic rifle and the caliber .308/7.62mm still falls within the definition of “small arms” as defined in R.A. 10591. The rule of thumb is that it must be ONLY SEMI-AUTOMATIC.

Q – Is firearms registration or licensing already included in your prices?

A – No. Licensing fees will be for the account of the buyer.

Q – What does my firearm come with? (e.g. cleaning kit, gun case, magazine, ammo etc.)

A – The rifle comes with one magazine, that is all. You have to buy the other items separately. The rifle will be wrapped in stretch plastic and will be contained in a carton box. If to be shipped by sea or air, this will be crated in a woden box which we will charge you P1,000 for each rifle.    

Q – What type of ammo can your rifles use?

A – For the caliber 5.56 NATO, it can use any brand of M193 or M855 ammo. For the caliber 7.62 NATO, it can use any brand of M80, M118 and M118LR ammo. It can also use the commercial type of .308 ammunition.

Q – What are the maximum effective ranges (MER) of your rifles?

A – For the caliber 5.56mm NATO, 500 meters for the 14.5 inches barrel.

A – For the caliber 7.62mm NATO, 800 meters for the 22 inches barrel.

Q – What are the maximum effective ranges (MER) of your pistols?

A – For the caliber .45, MER is 100 meters for the 5 inches barrel.
Maximum Effective Range (MER) *To borrow a definition, MER is “The maximum range within which a weapon is EFFECTIVE against its intended target”. This would translate into the maximum range that the weapon could effectively put a man out of action.

Q – Our LGU is planning to purchase rifles/pistols. What are the requirements?

A – If the units will be for donation to the Provincial or City PNP force, there must be a Deed of Donation, the units being donated by the LGU to the PNP in the provincial or city government.

UDMC will also require the following documentation and procedures: Board Resolution from the provincial, city or municipal board stating among others that the firearms to be procured from UDMC shall be for use by the provincial or city police (PNP) forces and therefore to be donated by the LGU to the police unit assigned in the locality.

End-User’s Certificate (EUC) to be signed by the highest ranking police officer in the locality to which the UDMC firearms shall be donated by the LGU.

Purchase Order issued by the LGU in favor of UDMC.

If the LGU wants the license or registration in its name, it must secure a Juridical LTOPF in the name of the LGU.

Q – How can I transport my newly bought UDMC firearm to my residence?

A – When you claim your newly bought UDMC rifle or pistol from us, there will be a Permit-to-Transport issued by the PNP-FEO for you to legally transport the firearm to the address indicated on the firearm registration. You cannot transport the firearm to any other address except to the address indicated on the firearm registration and the PTT.

Q - I already have the LTOPF, what are the additional documents or requirements will I be needing in order to purchase one of your pistols/rifles?

A – If you already have your LTOPF and are ready to buy the firearm from us, you will submit and/or fill-up the following:

3 copies of the Individual New Firearm’s Registration Form

Affidavit of Undertaking (on the authenticity of application)

Special Power of Attorney (if someone else will process papers)

Photocopy of the LTOPF

Firearms Bond (to be processed by UDMC but paid by customer)

Certificate of Ballistics Testing (to be supplied by UDMC)

UDMC Sales and Purchase Agreement (to be supplied by UDMC)

Full payment either in cash, check or direct deposit to our bank account

Q - Is it possible to be a freelance agent of your company? How do I qualify and how much commission will I be making?

A – Yes. Submit your personal bio-data and send a letter to us explaining which geographical area you want to cover and what is your estimated unit sales per month for civilians and for LGUs. We normally give 3% to 5% sales commission. But if we have to give a commission to other people who helped in clinching the sale, we have to spread the 5% to the group and not to just one person.

Q - Are all your rifles compatible with the accessories, internal parts and other upgrades we can buy in the local and international market?

A – Yes. Our rifles are compatible in parts and other accessories with the M4, the M16 and the M110 rifles.

Q – Can you process my Permit-to-Carry (PTC).

A – No. We don’t process PTC’s. You have to appear personally at Camp Crame.

Q – Can you process my Permit-to-Transport (PTT)?

A – If the PTT is for the brandnew firearm which you bought from UDMC, the PTT is part of our service so that you bring home the firearm to the address on the license card. We don’t process PTT’s except for this purpose.

Q – Are there other colors available other than black anodize?

A -  Available body colors for the rifles are in black anodized and red anodized. If you want your rifle in ceracote or epoxy baked, this will be an additional of P25,000 but only for the upper and lower receiver. If you want other parts to be ceracoted or epoxy baked, this will be charged extra.  

Q – Do you deliver door-to-door to my place of residence?

A – No we don’t. The most that we can do is to ship the rifle or pistol via the airline and you will have to claim it at the airport nearest your residence.

Q – I am from the province and it will be inconvenient for me to go to your office. Can I buy your products online? If yes, how do I pay for it? How do you deliver the firearm to me?

A – Yes you can buy our products without coming to our office if you will be able to comply with all the documentary requirements (LTOPF and registration). You can deposit your payment by making a direct deposit to our bank account. As proof of payment, you have to fax or email to us your deposit slip.

Q – How can I apply to become dealer or referral agent of your products?

A – Yes you can apply as dealer or sales agent. Please send us your personal biodata and your gun store License-to-Operate (LTO). 

Q – Is caliber .223 equivalent to caliber 5.56mm NATO?

A – No, it is not exactly the same in chamber and ammunition headspace. As a rule of thumb, you can use .223 ammo on a 5.56 barrel but not vice-versa.

Q – Is caliber .308 equivalent to caliber 7.62mm NATO?

A – No, it is not exactly the same in chamber and ammunition headspace. However, we have already perfected our barrels to accommodate both ammunitions, calibers .308 WIN and 7.62 NATO (7.62 x 51mm). 

Q – Do you manufacture rifles for left-handed shooters?

A – No, not at this time

Q – Aside from black and red anodized color, do you offer the option of other colors in epoxy or ceracote plating?

A – Not yet, maybe in the future.

Q – How does your prices compare with the prices of similar products in the USA?

A - The best way to answer this question is to explain "inputs" and "outputs". By "inputs" we mean the raw materials, machines, equipment, softwares, production supplies and the like. By "outputs", we mean the finished products. The raw material components used in the production of our products are T6- 7075 aircraft aluminum for receivers and the highest grade of alloys for barrel blanks, BCG, bolts, etc. These alloys are all imported simply because the Philippines has no production of alloys. Our alloys are imported from the EU and other Asian-Pacific countries except China. The CNC machineries that we use are also imported simply because the Philippines has no locally-produced CNC machines. Our softwares are Dassault Systemes from France for both 3D designing and CNC programming simply because the Philippines has no locally produced softwares equivalent to what we need for our CNC machines. The toolings that we use and consumable supplies like reamers, end mills, toolings, coolants are also imported from the simply because the Philippines do not produce such supplies. Since all of these "INPUTS" are all imported, we are subject to the 12% import tax and 15% import duty. We also have to pay for freight, cargo insurance, customs brokerage and facilitation. We have to pay for ballistics, storage at Camp Crame, PTT, etc. In comparison, all these expenses are NOT being incurred by US weapons manufacturers since all of these are READILY available in their own country. That is why, our products are more than double the prices that you would normally find in the internet for US-made equivalent products. 

Q – What are the prices in the Philippines of your rifles and pistols?

A – Please send an email to: for a full pricing of all our products.

Q – What are the prices of your rifles and pistols for export to other countries?

A – Please send an email to: for a full pricing of all our products.

Q – What are your terms and methods of payment?

A – Once you are ready with your LTOPF (License to Own and Possess Firearms) and other licensing and purchase requirements, we will require full payment before we can release the unit to you. You can pay us in cash or in check. You can come to our office to pay or if you are from the province or a faraway place, you can deposit the payment directly to our bank account and then fax or email to us the copy of the deposit slip as proof of payment.

(UPDATED OCTOBER 11, 2016 and supersedes earlier publications.)













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