VERY NICE VIDEO ... by the Philippine Army Shooting Contingent. Watch it until the very end of the video clip. Distance 100 meters, target 6-inch plates, in cadence, timed shots. The shooter is no less than the Commander of the Philippine Army Shooting Contingent, LTC Isagani Criste. The rifle is a UDMC "production" rifle, with a 16-inch SS-416R Premium barrel. These BERGARA cylindrical bars or blanks are imported from Spain and produced into finished barrels by UDMC under very exacting processes using CNC chamber reamers, milling and turning machines and CNC wirecutters. They are standard to all our rifles. UDMC is the exclusive distributor of BERGARA in the entire Asia-Pacific region. (That's the same rifle used by the Phil Army generals during the Games of the Generals last Saturday, May 28.)