Meanwhile, at the “Game of the Generals” with P-Noy yesterday, May 28th .... pictures show Army Brig Gen David Diciano firing an out-of-the-box “production rifle” made by UDMC downing all targets with no “re-engagements” required. Also in one of the pictures is Incoming Chief PNP Ronald "Bato" de la Rosa with PA-MTC Commander LTC Gani Criste.

According to LTC Criste and we quote him, "BGen Diciano and BGen Alarcon used UDMC rifles in the just concluded Game of the Generals.... believe it or not.... it was their first time to fire these pieces but not a single round was wasted.... 10 out of 10 targets (1.5"x1.5" ceramic tiles) at 35 meters busted with ease and with the best time of the game."