BEWARE when buying famous brands of barrels, barrel blanks, rifles and other firearm products if these were not procured from an authorized International Distributor and duly certified. With the advent of laser engraving machines from China which are now getting common in the Philippines, you have to be careful since what you may be buying from the "gray market" as a very famous brand of product is in fact an IMITATION or a FAKE!

DO NOT BUY FROM DUBIOUS SOURCES. BUY ONLY FROM AUTHORIZED INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTORS of such famous brands of barrels, firearms and other products.

We use only genuine UDMC-Bergara barrels on our 5.56 and 7.62 rifles which we manufacture from "blanks". If you want a peace of mind and would like a certified-genuine BERGARA barrel, barrel blank or bolt action rifle, click on the link below :