2016 AARM Rifle Event Match-2. 100 SHOOTERS, with 30 of the shooters using scopes and 70 using plain iron sights. CPL ARIEL TAGANAIT using an iron-sighted rifle. SSG RODNEY RIZANO using a scoped rifle. After the dust settled, only one point separated the two team mates. SSG Rizano bagged GOLD while CPL Taganait bagged SILVER.

Here are the results for CPL Ariel Taganait employing a UDMC stock M16A2 rifle using only iron sights. And yes Santa Claus, UDMC has the M16A2 caliber 5.56 NATO rifle model in 20-inch barrel.

400m - down 1
300m - down zero
200m - down 1
100m - down zero
50m - down zero

Overall, it’s “down 2” using only iron sights and a simple UDMC stock rifle. Unbelievable IRON MAN!

Pol Sumayo and Criste Isagani