SWISS CHALLENGE!! We fully agree with President DU30.


In fact, while he did not mention it, anomalies in procurement are also very much prevalent in Local Government Units (municipal and city governments). Surprisingly, such anomalies are more prevalent in Southern Luzon than in other far flung regions and provinces. We have our own experiences to share in this regard, several of them. All the dirty tricks are employed. In fact, we have already filed a case with the Ombudsman against the BAC Chairman of the City of Calamba and is just waiting for resolution. More cases will be filed as we encounter them. Suppliers should MAKE A DIFFERENCE in making sure that LGU's comply with the law on procurement R.A. 9184 and not be part of the anomalous system of rigged biddings by way of infuencing the writing of Technical Specifications. LGU's should stop this "LUTONG MACAO" writing specifications or eligibility requirements that favor the supplier that they are in cahoots with.

THE ANOMALY STARTS IN THE WRITING OF THE TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS! This is what you call "cannalizing" or "tailor-fitting" in order to disqualify competitors of the favored supplier even before the bidding process starts. As many of you may be aware of, in the specifications, the law prohibits naming of brands, naming of country of origin, naming of a particular technology that is available from only ONE supplier ... and so on.

Just imagine .... we encounter LGU's who refuse to sell bidding documents to us since meron na daw silang napili na supplier, even before the bidding process is started as announced on PHILGEPS. Or LGU's who will send an emissary to tell us .... "boss na ka commit na raw po si mayor o si ganitong LGU official kay supplier na ganito ang pangalan. Baka daw po huwag na kayo sumali. Next time na lang daw po."

But in the Visayas and Mindanao, based on our experiences, we were surprised that biddings we joined in those regions were above board. Surprising because before, we always hear that anomalies are much more rampant in those regions. Hindi naman pala .. at least base sa aming karanasan. Meron din siguro pero hindi pa namin na encounter.

While this policy of the President will not be applicable to small projects at the LGU level (at least for now), it still is an excellent start in taking a second look at the procurement laws of our country particularly those being conducted at the LGU level. In our one-on-one with the President, we had discussed these anomalies with him a few times already. CHANGE IS DEFINITELY COMING! (Please share and post our opinion on your timelines and EXPOSE the ills of the Local Governments. To Sec. Año, please do not focus on the PNP alone. Look into the LGU's as well!)