Founded in 1995, the goal of Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU), Inc. is to implement Night Vision equipment into the Civil Aviation market to increase operational safety and improve mission capabilities.

Their focus is to provide a turnkey solution to their customers where, with one call, they can obtain:

- Night Vision Goggles (NVG) and Replacement Parts

- Servicing/Inspection for the goggles

- NVG Cockpit Lighting solutions installed by their 145 Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) approved Repair Station Technicians at their facility in Boise, Idaho or at the Customer’s Facility

- Assistance for Cockpit Replacement Parts provided by their FAA approved Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA)

- Training, both initial and re-current, for Flight Crews on the use of Night Vision in flight via an FAA Approved 141 Training Program, and/or a 135 Air Operator Certificate Assistance to establish Night Vision Programs.

To date, ASU has sold more than 5,500 Aviator Systems within the U.S. ASU is L-3 Warrior System's exclusive authorized Aviation Goggle distributor and their NVG Technicians have been factory trained/certified.

Since 1995, ASU has demonstrated the true definition of a complete “Go-to“ company for both Rotor-Wing and Fixed-Wing aircraft operations.

ASU is proud to provide the highest-quality products and services to a wide variety of satisfied customers on a global scale. These include numerous government and private agencies such as Civil Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Military Services; Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Department of Energy; Search and Rescue, Fugitive Apprehension, Airborne Surveillance, Airborne Security, and Fire Suppression Missions.

ASU is a leading provider in portable NVG and Binoculars, offering technologies by L3 and Harris Corporation. Harris and L3 will be merging soon as announced late last year in a merger of equals. The process is expected to be completed sometime mid-2019 and once completed the new company will be called L3-Harris Technologies and will be worth around $34 billion which will make them the 6th biggest defense company in the U.S. and the 10th biggest globally. ASU will still be there as their long-time and reliable partner as reseller and distributor all over the world.

Night vision goggles offered by ASU are light weight, sturdy, with specs up to military grade with styles in both mountable and handheld.

One of the tactical products for ground troops being used by Philippine security forces are their  AN/PVS-14 NVG (Monocular).

AN/PVS-14 offers on hand operation of on/off, IR and gain control for fast and easy operation. Available in green or white phosphor.

PVS-14 Benefits:

- One-hand on/off, IR, and gain control
- Compact and safer to use
- Lighter to reduce head/neck fatigue
- Noncorrosive aluminum battery compartment, battery cap, and nickel springs
- Black-nickel battery exterior finish reduces IR and increases ruggedness
- Mounts available for head, helmet or weapon

Search & Rescue
Law Enforcement
Boarder Patrol
Fire Fighting

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