My father who was born in Switzerland and underwent compulsory army training in his younger years could be best described as a gun enthusiast. It therefore was normal for him to have a long gun in his home and he convinced my mother to continue with this time tested tradition.

During UDMC’s sales promotion last July 2016 my mother purchased a S5 DGIS rifle, chambered in the proven 5.56mm NATO round with a 14.5 inches stainless premium barrel. After the processing for the firearm license and transport permit by UDMC we finally were able to pick up the rifle at our nearest airport. While it is true that the rifle price is almost three times higher than a comparable price for a similar rifle in the USA one has to consider that almost all the raw materials have to be imported. Due to their promotion at that time, we were able to get a few items which comes for free with the purchase of each rifle which combined together made the deal so much more appealing.

After our installation of the aforementioned accessories we went to the firing range for the zeroing of the rifle. Having established a stable shooting platform we were using the 25 meters zeroing target and our first three shots were already in a very tight group, this despite that our own capabilities as shooters are still limited. Adjusting the front sight we were able to quickly hit the center of the target consistently. We then moved the targets further away to the back stop of the range which is around a 50 meters distance. In a standing position we then shot in quick succession double tap on those different targets. To our delight, even without any optic and just using the iron sights, me and my father were able to make combat effective center mass hits very easily, proving the accuracy of the rifle for as long the shooter will do his part. During our almost three hours shooting on the range we tested numerous different magazines, even some very old 20 rounder magazines of questionable origin. The rifle was working flawless, recoil was light and overall it was just one very pleasant experience! For us it is extremely important to have a 100% confidence in our equipment and the performance of the rifle gave us exactly this confidence. We were able to use our EOtech EXPS 2 sight from our other rifle which made shooting the rifle accurately and fast even easier and it felt almost like we were cheating, hitting our targets consistently even during rapid fire.

As the saying goes "you get what you pay for" and if you are looking to purchase a high quality rifle which is backed up not only by a superb customer service but also consists of very knowledgeable team of professionals and are furthermore wishing to have peace of mind that in case of anything going wrong or needing repairs or parts after a few years down the road, I highly recommend that you give serious considerations towards UDMC.

Did I mention that UDMC also sells beautiful pistols in various calibers based on the 1911 platform and even 7.62mm NATO chambered rifles as well as many differently set-up rifles based on the M4/M16 5.56 mm platform?

I for one am surely excited with what UDMC might come up in the future!

Andrew Mueller UDMC Rifle Picture