Another delivery by UDMC of locally-manufactured 1,760 units of the F5-DGIS caliber 5.56 NATO rifles to the elite commandos of the Special Action Force of the Philippine National Police. This delivery coincided with the 36th founding anniversary of the PNP-SAF last May 25, 2019.

Unlike foreign-manufactured rifles that have difficulty backing up their warranty program, UDMC’s warranty in case of general cleaning and/or repairs is a turnaround period of 24 hours in Metro Manila, 48 hours in Luzon, 60 hours in key cities of Visayas/Mindanao and 72 hours in far flung provinces in Visayas/Mindanao. Soon, UDMC will also be supplying belt-fed 7.62 NATO and 5.56 NATO Light Machine Guns to the PNP and the AFP.

The photos show the rifles before and during the final inspection and packing by the UDMC team of sales and production staff.

Incidentally, individual sales of semi-automatic models of our rifles designated as the S5-PVAR and S5-DGIS are still allowed for sale to ACTIVE individual members of the AFP, PNP, PCG and other Law Enforcement Agencies.